We're Going to Disney World!

This summer was an extremely busy one, and the kids made sure to soak up every last minute of it! In the midst of all the bustle, Vy and her cousin, Emma, turned five. This was a highly anticipated birthday for both of them, so we wanted it to be extra special...

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IKEA Minnen Bed

One of the biggest changes to Vy's room is her new bed. I spent such a long time searching for a toddler bed, that she actually outgrew the need for one. But, I saw this Minnen bed from IKEA and really liked that it is extendable. It has three different lengths, the longest fitting a standard twin mattress...

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Sweater Revival

After purchasing a starter sewing machine a couple of weeks ago, I promised I would share my very first completed garment, an Ishi dress for Vy. Well, this is not that post. But, there was some needle and thread involved, so I feel like I'm moving in the right direction!

I did a little spring cleaning this past weekend and found...

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A New Hobby: Sewing

I get asked often if I make clothes for myself and Vy. And for so, so, so long, I have wished I could answer "yes" to that question. 

Well, my friends, the time has come for me to stop wishing and to do something about it. I went to Michael's this past weekend to purchase some craft supplies and didn't realize they were... 

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Vintage Toys for Modern Kids

My sister was shopping for an antique vanity during the remodeling phase of her home. Naturally, I wanted to tag along. 

We didn't find what she was looking for, but I did happen across some amazing gems for Vy. Each piece was a nice, low-cost alternative...

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A Princess Party

Once upon a time, there was a castle not so far far away...

I always look forward to planning Vy's birthday parties, because I know I will have less and less opportunities to create something magical for her as she gets older. Plus, I always feel an amazing amount of joy seeing her delight in my handiwork...

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Style Tips for Dressing a Toddler

Almost two years ago, my lovely friend Christina featured Vy and I on her blog, Mouse in Your House. In the post, I shared insight into how I pick out clothes for my toddler.

Now that some time has passed, it's nice to see that my style tips can be applied at any age, not just the toddler years. She is almost 5, and they still hold true for us...

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Activity Travel Kit

We recently took a road trip to the beach. In anticipation of the long drive, I put together a little travel kit to keep Vy entertained during the long stretches of time between stops. Instead of making a special trip to the store, I found small items around the house to include in hers. Vy has this cute carrying case from a knitting kit I got her last Christmas, and it is the perfect travel size. One of her favorite activities is drawing...

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Characteristic of a Designer

Welcome to Designerly! 

I started this blog to get all my design-related thoughts, projects and life-moments collected into one place. As long as I can remember, I have always LOVED graphic design. Most kids save their money for toys, I saved mine to buy stationery. I would rip out magazine ads I thought were visually interesting, and I would keep...

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